The Innovative Reflective Thinking Process In Solving Calculus Problems

In, Abdullah and Hery, Suharna (2014) The Innovative Reflective Thinking Process In Solving Calculus Problems. International Seminar on Innovation in Mathematics and Mathematics Education. ISSN 978-602-1037-00-3


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The process produces a mental representation that is a representation of thinking through the information transformation involves a complex interaction. The thought process that helps integrate reflective ability of a person is thinking. Reflective thinking is very important for students and faculty. But this is very different from the facts on the ground, as in mathematics professors still see the student's work without seeing how the student to find the results. Reflective thinking is occurring at each student as an individual, especially prospective teachers in teaching practice. Reflective thinking is needed by faculty and students to deal with the complexity of learning. The things that are important to note: (1) reflective thinking required by lecturers and students to deal with the complexity of learning, (2) to enhance learning, especially how the thinking, teaching, and learning; and (3) lecturers to adjust the mathematical material given to the student's developmental level mathematics scheme, customize the presentation of the material with a reflective thinking process of students, as well as gradually, the need to increase student independence in learning. Reflective thinking is one of the innovative thinking found that the flow obtained from the research. Innovative reflective thinking process is going on at the time have problems, confusion or doubt on the troubleshooting steps, the next obstacle is overcome by linking the information needed and then draw conclusions to develop a new concept and apply it and adding information from the given problem. Another feature that is obtained in the process of reflective thinking in innovative ways to solve it with the unusual, unique and different.

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