Peranan Supervisi Pembelajaran dalam Implementasi Kebijakan Pendidikan Inklusif

Hermanto, * (2015) Peranan Supervisi Pembelajaran dalam Implementasi Kebijakan Pendidikan Inklusif. In: International Seminar "The Implementation of Inclusive Education in Developed and Developing Countries, 29 Januari 2015, Unesa Surabaya.

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The inclusive education is one way to provide the right education for children with special needs (ABK) as learners. As we known in 2014, Yogyakarta province at least1,926 crew members still have yet to get access to education from 9,096 ABK school age. Of the number of crew members of the school age, 4,782 to follow education in special schools, and 2,388 crew learning in inclusive schools spread across 350 schools. Based on these data, the involvement of an inclusive school in the province to accommodate learners with special needs (PDBK) is quite responsive. Indicators of the success of inclusive education is certainly not how many schools organizers and how many students with special needs who enrollin inclusive schools. How does the school provide comfort and accessto the widest PDBK is an important factor that must be considered. Do not let school only physical move crews to regular school without giving rights as the principle of inclusive education. In reality to change the paradigm and habits of teachers in learning to differentiate because of PDBK is not an easy problem. In an effort to support the successful implementation of the inclusive education policy, it is necessary to study the role of supervision. The instructional supervisionis the professional assistance by the principal as a supervisor for teachers in order to increase the quality of learning is done. One approach that can be used is a clinical approach. Through intensive supervision and learning through coaching given the principal, then the learning difficulties faced by teachers can be resolved. Thus inclusive education schools area ware of the importance of cooperation between 2 teachers and principals who ultimately can affect and impact the school community.

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