A Bahasa Indonesia-English Translation Analysis of Negeri Lima Menara by Ahmad Fuadi and The Land of Five Towers by Angie Kilbane

Hermawan, Hermawan (2016) A Bahasa Indonesia-English Translation Analysis of Negeri Lima Menara by Ahmad Fuadi and The Land of Five Towers by Angie Kilbane. S2 thesis, UNY.

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The objectives of this research were to describe the types of translation methods, to describe the types of translation procedures, to describe the changes in terms of of added information, to describe the changes in terms of reduced information, and to describe the types of cultural features found in The Land of Five Towers compared to those of the original novel, Negeri Lima Menara. This research was a qualitative research. This qualitative research applied content analysis to analyse the data. Data analysis was done in sentence, clause, phrase, and word level to find out the translation methods employed by the translator, translation procedures, added information, reduced information, and cultural features that exist in the data sources. The validity check of the data and data analysis were done through intrarater, peer reviewers and interrater. The results of the research are as follows. (1) There are two translation methods found in this research, Semantic Method and Communicative Method. Semantic Method is proven to be the more dominant method applied by the translator. (2) There are five translation procedures found: transposition, modulation, adaptation, contextual equivalence, and noted equivalence. Yet, the most prominent procedure applied is transposition; found in 1977 data. This happened due to the nature difference of the language system of Bahasa Indonesia and English. (3) Added information is found in 2295 data and made on: cultural expressions, names of places, and predicate of the sentence in order to create an equivalence in the Target Text and to clarify cultural word(s) so that the Target Text readers would not get missunderstanding. (4) Reduced information is found in 440 data and made on: names of Islamic scholars, Arabic expressions, Bahasa Indonesia expressions, etc. that are considered insignificant by the translator, but it may be based on consideration that by reducing them the intended meaning are still conveyed well. (5) There are five kinds of cultural features found, they are: ecology (found in 348 data); material culture or artefacts (found in 190 data); social culture (found in 125 data); organisations, customs, activities, procedures, and concepts (found in 44 data); and gestures and habits (found in 58 data)

Item Type: Thesis (S2)
Uncontrolled Keywords: translation phenomena, translation methods, translation procedures, added/reduced information, cultural features
Subjects: Bahasa dan Sastra > Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris
Divisions: Sekolah Pascasarjana (SPS) > Program Pascasarjana > Linguistik Terapan
Depositing User: Perpustakaan Pascasarjana
Date Deposited: 11 Apr 2016 02:24
Last Modified: 08 Nov 2022 01:49
URI: http://eprints.uny.ac.id/id/eprint/30787

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