Ella, Wulandari (2014) LITERACY EDUCATION FOR QUALITY LIFE. International Conference on Fundamentals and Implementation of Education (ICFIE) 2014. ISSN 2406-9132


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It has long been understood that education affects human’s quality of life as education presents one with access to economy, health, social benefits which the uneducated may not. (Formal) education is often claimed to have started since a child learns to read and write which allows him or her to access abundant sources of knowledge in his or her surroundings. Tompkins (2010) emphasizes that while traditionally literacy simply refers to the ability to read and write words, now literacy embodies a device to take whole part in the technological society of the 21st century. Ability to read and write, under literary approach, is believed to give students a tool to learn not only language but also content subjects in schools – making language a key to effective instruction. In the light of this, the teaching of language, particularly that of English, is redefined and redesigned to not only impart the skills of using a foreign language but also utilize those skills to enhance students’ learning in other subjects. To achieve this, educational practices in Indonesia have embraced and explicated thematic-and-integrated approach to teaching across science and social subjects through the implementation of Curriculum 2013. Since English in a foreign language in Indonesia, its teaching should consider the fundamentals of learning social and natural sciences in their actual classes. More importantly, ‘literacy teacher’ should be well-trained in carrying out effective literary instruction. This paper thus seeks to propose strategies of how literacy instruction should be conducted and literacy teacher should be trained. Key words: literacy, instruction, thematic-and-integrated

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