Santi Chairani, Djonhar (2014) FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLE OF LEARNING ENGLISH. International Conference on Fundamentals and Implementation of Education (ICFIE) 2014. ISSN 2406-9132


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The preconditions that learning EFL in a setting like Indonesia may take place are among others sufficient exposure to and opportunities to use the language. In Indonesia the learning and the use of EFL is mostly done in the classroom. To make up for the classroom’s limits and to raise the chances for language learning, the students need to be encouraged to develop their learning strategies so that gradually they gain their autonomy in language learning. This may help them to sustain their motivation to keep on learning the language. However, not all students adopt this kind of agency – to be the doers rather than recipients of their own learning. Some of them see the benefit of learning whereas others are reluctant to take responsibilities for their learning although they are given encouragement and opportunity as autonomous learners. The task – to make learners autonomous – is not an easy one, as training learners to be responsible for their own learning involves changing their attitudes: the learners’ over reliance on the teacher or the teacher should be in charge of what happens in the teaching and learning process in the classroom. There are indeed some other factors that contribute to this predicament, for example, their (past) learning experience. How do EFL teachers develop the learners’ sense of learning responsibility so that they understand why and how they learn and be willing to take an active role in their learning? First of all these teachers are to equip themselves with enough knowledge of English language skills and English linguistics so that they (teachers) can lead and guide their learners in the process of learning the language. That is to promote learners’ autonomy, teachers should work on stages; it is part of a wider course design. Keywords: Autonomous learning, learners’ autonomy, agency, encouragement, responsibility, EFL, promote, course design.

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