Risnanosanti, . (2014) UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS’ PROOF CONSTRUCTION ABILITY IN ABSTRACT ALGEBRA. Proceeding of International Conference On Research, Implementation And Education Of Mathematics And Sciences 2015 (ICRIEMS 2015), Yogyakarta State University, 17-19 May 2015. ISSN 978-979-96880-8-8

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The opinion of mathematics education expert toward the necessity of introducing mathematical proof to be thought at all levels was increased. Number of mathematics teacher in America conducted intensive discussion about whether mathematics proof should be included or excluded in mathematics curriculum. Teachers agree on the importance of proof and on the necessity for students to develop the skills needed to construct proofs. However many students of all levels of education face serious difficulties with constructing mathematical proof. Whereas, the limitedness on proving ability would influence on learning other advanced mathematics such as real analysis, abstract algebra, and others. That condition would hamper the development of students’ reasoning and others mathematical thinking abilities. The objective of developing proof methodology was to improve students’ ability on understanding mathematical proof, and proof constructing of mathematical statements. Some approaches had been developed, among them was concept of generic proof. Generic proof method of example level was explained of a concepts in general based on a specific example or case. The purpose of this paper is to categorizing and describing the different types of processes that undergraduate students use to construct proofs. This study involved 87 undergraduate students and two kinds instruments those proof reading test and a proof construction test. Keywords: mathematical proof, geometry

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