Anggita, Fika Nur (2015) A SOCIOLINGUISTIC ANALYSIS OF TABOO WORDS IN BAD TEACHER MOVIE. S1 thesis, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta.

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The researcher investigates taboo words uttered by the characters in Bad Teacher movie using sociolinguistic approach. The movie is about a very bad teacher who wants to change her social status by looking for a rich man to achieve her goal. The objectives of this research are to identify the types and functions of taboo words uttered by the characters in the movie. This research employed descriptive qualitative as the method for describing the existing condition in the movie. In addition, this research also used quantitative method to support the interpretation of data by presenting fixed percentages in numerical form. The data were in the form of utterances, while the contexts of the data were the dialogues uttered by the characters in the movie. The sources of the data were the video of Bad Teacher movie and its transcript. The data were collected by selecting dialogues containing taboo words after watching the video and matching the transcript with the video carefully. The primary instrument of this research was the researcher, while the secondary instrument was a data sheet. The results of this research are stated as follows. Firstly, four types of taboo words occur in the characters’ utterances in Bad Teacher movie. They are obscenity, profanity, vulgarity, and epithet. From 32 data found in the movie, obscenity has the biggest number of occurrence. Obscenity is the most appearing type in this movie because it is considered to be the most effective way to insult someone. The characters in Bad Teacher movie frequently utter obscenity to show their disrespect toward the addressee. Moreover, obscenity is used by the characters in the movie to debase other people’s pride. The smallest number of taboo words’ type is epithet. Epithet becomes the least to occur in the movie because the characters do not find that epithet can effectively hurt other people’s pride. The characters tend to use epithet to draw someone’s attention by calling one’s name with a certain taboo word. Secondly, four functions of taboo words are found in the series namely to show contempt, to draw attention to oneself, to be provocative, and to mock authority. The most appeared function is to show contempt and the last is to mock authority. Most of the characters use taboo words when they want to show their disrespect toward others. To mock authority function only occurs once because the main theme of the movie is a romantic comedy which is not concerned in criticizing governmental stuffs.

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