Romala, Almira Ghassani Shabrina (2015) A STYLISTIC ANALYSIS OF TRANSFERENCE OF MEANING REFLECTED IN REBECCA STEAD’S LIAR AND SPY. S1 thesis, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta.

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This research is aimed at identifying the types of transference of meaning found in the narration and the characters’ utterances in Liar and Spy novel, delineating how transference of meaning is realized in the novel, and explicating how the employment of transference of meaning illuminates the themes in the novel. This research applied descriptive qualitative method. The data of this research were taken from Rebecca Stead’s Liar and Spy novel. The form of the data is the utterances of all characters, and also words, phrases and sentences of the narration in Liar and Spy novel which contain transference of meaning. In the research, textual and content analyses were used in the analysis of data. Triangulation was used to establish the reliability of data, and to ensure the findings, so that it can enhance trustworthiness. The results of this research are as follows. (1) All types of transference of meaning are employed by the author, i.e. synecdoche, metaphor, metonymy, and simile. (2) Each type of transference of meaning has its particular realization; synecdoche is realized both in part representing the whole and the whole representing its part; metaphor is only realized in visible metaphor; metonymy is expressed in the transposition between associated concepts, producer and the produced, institution and its location, and product and its brand; in addition, the realization of simile is done by the use of comparative words such as like and as. (3) In Liar and Spy novel, transference of meaning is employed to aesthetically illuminate the themes of the novel i.e. school life, family life, friendship, bullying, and overcoming fears, by explaining the setting, condition, and the characters’ thoughts about particular things related to the story.

Item Type: Thesis (S1)
Uncontrolled Keywords: transference of meaning, types, realizations, themes, Liar and Spy
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