Interlanguage Performed by Students of English Literature Study Program.

Whardani, Ayudya and Margana, Margana (2018) Interlanguage Performed by Students of English Literature Study Program. S2 thesis, Program Pascasarjana.

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This study attempts to present the evidence of interlanguage performed by learners of English as Second Language by involving 20 participants sitting in the first semester majoring English Literature from one of the state universities in Yogyakarta. In discovering interlanguage, the writer uses the two writing activity variations including recount text and narrative text. Interlanguage is evidenced in this study seen from the 15 common errors made by the learnerrs including (1) past tense (2) modality (3) to + infinitive (4) words followed by verb ing(5) distribution of make (6) passive voice (7) noun (singular and plura noun) (8) pronoun (9) relative pronoun (10) sentence elements (subject and verb) (11) articles (12) preposition (13) collocations (14) native language transfer and (15) question word order. Some interlanguage characteristics are also shown by the learners consisting of dynamic, systematic, stable and backsliding. It indicates that the learners’ interlanguage is varied as they explore new grammar rules, add rules, delete rules and reconstruct the complete system by changing them time to time untill the target language performance is fully shaped. Moreover, the factors of interlanguage are overgeneralization, ignorance of rule restrictions, incomplete apllication of rules, false concept hypothesized and native language transfer. But, it is overgeneralization which is found most in the study especially when the learners must deal with verbs. Referring from the findings, it is concluded that interlanguage is inevitable because during the process of learning second language learners may experience success or failure. Besides, if the learners’ interlanguage is not remedied, it will be potential to fossilize. Therefore , some pedagogical implications including giving direct feedback and selecting materials based on the focus of errors are suggested to minimize temporary interlanguage fossilization.

Item Type: Thesis (S2)
Uncontrolled Keywords: interlanguage, error analysis, writing activity variations.
Subjects: Bahasa dan Sastra > Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris
Divisions: Program Pascasarjana > Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
Depositing User: Perpustakaan Pascasarjana
Date Deposited: 18 Feb 2020 01:36
Last Modified: 18 Feb 2020 01:36

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