Purna, Bayu Nugroho and Ika, Wulandari (2015) SEVERAL APPROACHES IN PRESENTING TRIGONOMETRIC INTRODUCTION LEARNING. Proceeding of International Conference On Research, Implementation And Education Of Mathematics And Sciences 2015 (ICRIEMS 2015), Yogyakarta State University, 17-19 May 2015. ISSN 978-979-96880-8-8

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This research was the result of library study explaining several approaches in presenting trigonometric introduction learning viewed from the chronology of trigonometry inception to be a starting point or an outline in developing a trigonometric learning scenario. Presenting a challenging, joyful, and meaningful trigonometric learning is a challenge to teachers. It is because trigonometry is a complex and applicative material but considered as difficult by students. Considering the findings of some field researches, the students were found memorizing many trigonometric formulas and understanding them separately, and thereby less meaningful. Consequently, the students did not understand trigonometry completely, and even it was only recitation that will be forgettable soon. For that reason, there should be a good preparation on how to present trigonometric learning to make the students understand and master it. Trigonometric mastery cannot be apart from knowledge on background and chronology of trigonometry inception history. The creation of a concept is very important to the students to construction their own conception. Many things became the students’ question and it could not be answered because they did not know background and chronology of the creation of concept being studied. Such the condition forces the students to receive the theory as the way it is by means of memorizing only, so that the learning process becomes less meaningful. Departing from that background, this article raised a theme of the historical chronology of trigonometry inception to explain three approaches: circle unit, right triangle, and function, and to formulate six possible scenarios of trigonometric introduction learning combined from those three approaches. Key words: mathematics, trigonometry, chronology, history.

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