Wulandari, Iva (2013) INCEST IN AFRICAN AMERICAN SOCIETY IN SAPPHIRE’S PUSH. S1 thesis, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta.

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This research aims to identify causes, effects, and society’s response on the incest which happened in African American society portrayed in Push. Accordingly, the sociology of literature approach by Swingewood was applied in this research. This research is qualitative. Content analysis was used as the technique of analysis of the novel. The subject of this research is a novel entitled Push written by Sapphire. The data taken from the novel are in the form of phrases, clauses, and sentences showing incest experienced by the main character. The analyzed data are phrases, clauses, and sentences related to the practice of incest in the novel. The researcher collected the data using reading and note taking techniques. The data analysis of this research used the process of data reducing, data displaying, and conclusion drawing. To obtain trustworthiness, the researcher used triangulation technique. There are three results of this research: (1) The causes of the incest seen in Push are related to socio-environment, family-of-origin, family system, and individual psychology; the causes related to socio-environment are the factors related to the people, the place, the neighborhood, the interaction and the sex life style. The causes related to family-of-origin are parents past experiences that will shape the survivor’s character into adulthood and affect the vulnerability of incest. The causes related to individual psychology focus on the perpetrator who is autoritative, has less self control, has low self esteem and has poor social skills; (2) the effects of the incest in Push are emotional reactions, self perceptions, physical and somatic effects, and interpersonal problems. The effects related to emotional reaction are the symptoms of (a) depression, (b) shame, (c) anger and guilt, and (d) betrayal, loss, and grief. The symptoms of depression are lack of confidence, gloomy mood, losing control, facing troubles in concentrating during the class, and recurrent thoughts of death or suicide. The symptoms of shame are in the form of being an introverted person and being isolated. The symptoms of anxiety and fear are in the form of avoiding anything which reminds them to the abuse such as people, place, and situations related to the occurrence of incest and anxiety about the future. The symptoms of anger and guilt are related to the perpetrator’s act, the abuse, and the self powerlessness. The symptoms of betrayal, loss, and grief are related to the feeling of betrayal by the parents, the loss of childhood and teenage phase, the opportunity or chance to reach the bright future, and grief about the abuse. The effects related to physical and somatic effect are headache, stomachache, and obesity. The effects related to interpersonal problems are inability to have a good relation, uncertainty, the problems with parents and other family members, and problems in parenting; (3) the way society response to incest victim makes it even harder for the victim to recover herself from incest trauma. The existence of incest survivor group emphasizes the fact that society is also absent to participate on the recovery of the incest survivor.

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