Arifanto, Andria Yusuf (2013) THE DEPICTIONS OF ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES IN MACDONALD’S FINITUDE (AN ECOCRITICAL STUDY). S1 thesis, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta.

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The objectives of this research are to identify the environmental issues existing in Finitude and to explain the ways environmental issues are depicted in the novel. The researcher applies Glotfelty’s Ecocriticism theory, Archer’s Understanding the Forecast theory, and Stanford’s Literary Elements theory. This research is a descriptive-qualitative in nature and a content analysis method is used to analyze the data. The subject of this research is a novel entitled Finitude written by Hamish MacDonald. The data were some phrases, clauses, sentences, and discourses related to the environmental issues existing in the novel. The key instrument of this research is the researcher himself, by making indicators of the environmental issues and literary elements as explained in the analytical construct. The data of this research are obtained through an employment of the theories in the table’s indicators. In order to obtain the trustworthiness of the data, the researcher uses peer debriefing method. This research shows that there are three environmental issues existing in Finitude: the greenhouse effects, the carbon cycle, and the forecast. There are three issues of the greenhouse effects: blackbody radiation, the greenhouse gases, and heat and wind. Next, there are two phenomena in the carbon cycle: carbon on Earth, and fossil fuels and energy. Furthermore, there are two phenomena in the forecast namely: weather versus climate and forecasting climate change. Those environmental issues are depicted in Finitude through two prominent literary elements: characters and point of views. The characters’ traits are revealed by action and by speech. The character’s speech gives more power to inform a certain natural phenomenon. Then, the character’s action can articulate and show clearly about environmental issues existing in Finitude. Moreover, the point of views used in the novel are participant point of view and non-participant point of view. The participant point of view focuses on a single character’s view towards the natural phenomena. On the other hand, non-participant point of view can report both of external and internal conditions of the natural phenomena in the story. As a result, this research concludes that Finitude offers encouraging messages towards environment’s preservation.

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