Puspitaningrum, Dyah Ayu (2013) MAXIM FLOUTING IN THE MAIN CHARACTERS’ UTTERANCES IN CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC MOVIE. S1 thesis, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta.

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This research is under pragmatic study. The objectives of this research are to (1) identify the types of maxim flouting in the main characters utterances in Confession of a Shopaholic movie, and to (2) identify the strategies used to flout the maxims. This research was descriptive qualitative. It concerned with the description of the data in the form of utterances produced by the characters in which maxim flouting exists. There were two sources in this research. The primary source was the script of the film retrieved from The secondary sources were books and journals. In conducting this research, the researcher (1) identified the data and then categorized them, (2) classified the categorized data, (3) analyzed the classified data, (4) interpreted the data, (5) reported the findings and (6) drew the conclusion. Data trustworthiness and peer discussion were also employed to gain the ability of this research. The triangulation of the data was done by students who have the same field in pragmatics approach. The results show that all maxims of Cooperative Principle are flouted. They are maxim of quality, quantity, manner and relation. Besides, there are some strategies used by the main characters to flout the maxims. To flout the maxim of quantity, the main characters use the strategies of giving too much information and too little information. To flout the maxim of relation, they use the strategies of changing the topic and giving an irrelevant answer. To flout the maxim of quality, the female main character uses the strategies of using metaphor, banter, and sarcasm. Finally, to flout the maxim of manner, the male main character uses the strategies of being ambiguous and not being brief. Flouting of quantity maxim occurs 17 times. It is followed by flouting of relation maxim which takes place 15 times. The third position is flouting of quality maxim which happens 5 times. The last position is flouting of manner maxim which takes place 4 times. Flouting of quantity maxim gets the highest rank by giving too much information than what is required. The main character who flouts quantity maxim is only Rebecca. She flouts the quantity maxim for many reasons, such as to explain something, to stress her utterances, to make the hearer more understand about the topic and to show her panic.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Pragmatics, Cooperative Principle, Maxim Flouting, Confession of a Shopaholic
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