Lawas: An oral literature in Sumbawa East Indonesia (East Indonesia) as a character development means

Ifansyah, N. and Saddhono, K. (2017) Lawas: An oral literature in Sumbawa East Indonesia (East Indonesia) as a character development means. In: The 2nd International Conference On Teacher Education And Professional Development (InCoTEPD 2017), 21 – 22 Oct 2017, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


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Character deterioration became a worldwide serious problem. Educational institutions have responsibility and strategic role to solve problem. Its effort is to revitalize the role of oral literature based on containing values of character building. If it has seriously implemented, this program can build learners’ character based on the values of typical cultural wisdom. Therefore, this research goal is to describe form and explore the potential value of characters contained in oral literature as cultural heritage of the Sumbawa, a city in East Indonesia. data is qualitatively collected t by interviewing Sumbawa culturists. The collected data is checked its validity with various theoretical perspectives and member checking. The data analysis used the interactive model. The research findings shown that (1) Lawas form consists of three lines, four lines, and sequential. Lawas prototype is in the form of three lines, each is composed of eight syllables. (2) The character values in the Lawas oral literature in the form of religious, good personality, awareness, humble, knowledgeable, courage, egalitarian, brotherhood, maintain self-esteem, and equal personality. These character values reflected the Sumbawa people’s life philosophy that oriented towards the development or improvement of physical-material and mental-spiritual dimension in a balanced and simultaneous way. Sumbawa people viewed the life of the world and the hereafter must go hand in hand which manifests in the way of thinking, speaking, and behaving. The character values in Lawas involved virtue and wisdom in relation to oneself, neighbor, nature, and God.

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