Hariandja, Boby Marjaya and Putro, Utomo Sarjono (2016) STRATEGY SELECTION TO REDUCE WORK ORDER ACTIVE IN MAINTENANCE TEAM USING SMART METHOD. International Conference on Ethics of Business, Economics, and Social Science. pp. 163-173. ISSN 2528-617X

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Electrical department team in PT.NYZ had main responsibility to maintain continuity of electric power supply in Sumatera operation. Electrical department provide supply electricity to producer wells, office and housing. To support its daily operation the team consist of two department, operation and maintenance team. Maintenance team is responsible for preventive maintenance (PM), predictive maintenance (PdM) and corrective job. Maintenance activities of transmission and distribution lines without shutdown the energize line called Hot Line Work. With hotline work activities could prevent production loss during maintenance job. Based on Computerized Maintenance Management System data in 2015 there were 432 work order active in electrical maintenance team. Work orders active are number of active work orders in open status at the end of the month and not shutdown classification, 278 of 432 work order active are under maintenance power line team. In this study we propose alternatives to reduce work order active in power line team. In this study fish bone diagram and pareto chart is applied to analyze the problem and find the root of problem. Simple Multi Attribute Rating Technique (SMART) used in decision making process. SMART is used in this study because with this method allow complex problem to be decomposed into sets of simpler judgment. This simplicity influences directly on the understanding of the decision maker about the process used in the solution of the problem since the decision making process involving many decision makers from various background. The TOWS matrix is used in alternative generation. Brainstorming tool is used in attribute identification. Interval scale form is used in measuring the weight of attribute and attribute value to each alternative. From TOWS matrix there were four (4) alternatives generated. Alternative 1: Purchase new bucket truck by PT.NYZ and operator of bucket truck from PT.NYZ employee. Alternative 2: Purchase new bucket truck by PT.NYZ and the operator of bucket truck provided by labor contract. Alternative 3: Contract out bucket truck using lump sum type contract and the operator of bucket truck from PT.NYZ employee. Alternative 4: Contract out bucket truck and operator using work unit rate type contract. From the study result alternative 3 was chosen as the selected alternative. The consideration from decision makers are: safety aspect, with alternative 3 operator for bucket truck will provided from PT.NYZ employee and this work categorized on high risk job; from sensitivity analysis the alternative 3 is the robust; availability in market and permit administration that currently as the main issue, with contractor provide the bucket truck including maintenance and permitting with lump sum type contract it could improve availability of bucket truck and reduce number of work order active in power line maintenance team. Keywords: Decision, Hot Line Work, Simple Multi Attribute Rating Technique, Work Order Active, Bucket Truck, contract

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