SUYATO (2015) CURRICULAR TRANSPOSITON AND SEAMLESS ENACTMENT IN CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION. In: 9th International Conference on Malaysia-Indonesia Relations (PAHMI 9) Faculty Of Social Sciences Yogyakarta State University.

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Up to now, curriculum innovations are still below expectation or under-achieved. The main weakness, to me, was due to the reality that innovations are top down in nature. Accordingly, the successfulness of those innovations depends chiefly on the fidelity without autonomy of teachers as main executors in educational activities. To overcome the classical problem, author offer curricular transposition and seamless enactment. Curricular transposition is a way to understand the message of citizenship education from its underlying ideals, curricular programs, its implementation as well as the effects on students. Seamless enactment is a normative framework to respond the problems stemmed from curricular transposition theory. Theoretically, there are two kinds of transposition: external and internal. The former refers to didactic transposition and the later means pedagogical one. The first one means the ways of changing from content of knowledge to curricular program. The second one refers the ways of changing from curricular when practiced by teachers. Therefore, it needs proximity and rationality gradually from separation, harmony, and eventually unification. Why seamless? There are at least two answers. Firstly, from the perspective of the effectiveness of initiative or ideational; that tends to be successful than those with gaps. The teachers’ and students’ participation are desired politically and morally. In this account, the role of agency is more essential in the seamless enactment. The second relevant concept is coherence. To be honest, there are at least two weaknesses. Firstly, there is no wrong with the separation if the results are to be assured. The second one is the assumption that the teachers’ and students’ control or autonomy is perceived positive. Hopefully, it will be ends-become-means and means-become-ends. In this case process and product are unified. Key words: curricular transposition, seamless enactment, citizenship education.

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