Zulfadli (2015) ISLAMIC POLITIC CONTESTATIONS IN POST- REFORMATION IN INDONESIA. In: 9th International Conference on Malaysia-Indonesia Relations (PAHMI 9) Faculty Of Social Sciences Yogyakarta State University.

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This article discusses about the islamic politic contestations in post-reformation in Indonesia. The phenomenon islamic politic in post-reform marked by Islamic ideology as the basis of their movement. The Islamic politic contestations post-reformation appear conflict, tension, and also adaptation, harmony, balance. After the fall of the new order, the contestations of islamic organization ideology increasingly show their existence. In the reform era, which was marked by political euphoria and freedom of expression opportunity used by Islamic movement. Their movements are outside of mainstream framework of political process, as well as in the dominant discourse in the Islamic movement. Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia, Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia, Front Pembela Islam, Laskar Jihad and Salafi represents a new Islamic movement in Indonesia. These new organizations have ideological basic, ideas and movement strategi which is different from previous Islamic organizations. This research used qualitative method with descriptive analysis approach. Using social movement theory, especially those described by Sidney Tarrow. Tarrow explained, that any social movement made up of three elements: the political opportunities, framing process, and mass mobilization pattern. The research show islamic politic contestations in post reformation namely: first, using political opportunities, underground movement change into a legal movement. Second, framing process by opposed to any thought about western system, such as democracy, nationalism and human rights. third, mass mobilization pattern, which are internal mobilization by intensively cadre and external mobilization by raising awareness of Islamic law enforcment and the caliphate. keywords: Contestations, Islamic Politic, Political Opportunity, Mass Mobilization Patter, Framing Process, Themes: Religion, Civil Society and State

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