Sukamto (2015) THE DESTRUCTION OF SOCIETY LIFE DUE TO INDUSTRIAL MUD DISASTER LAPINDO IN PORONG, SIDOARJO. In: 9th International Conference on Malaysia-Indonesia Relations (PAHMI 9) Faculty Of Social Sciences Yogyakarta State University.

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Petroleum drilling by PT. Lapindo Brantas Inc. in 2006 not only produce crude oil, but also produce devastating mudflow to cause damage in Porong and its surrounding area. Bursts that have lasted nine years, until now have not been able to be stopped. Citizens who become victims include 12 villages in three districts, even the residents of the whole two villages have to leave their village due to its area submerged and no longer habitable. This incident raises two points of views on the cause. First, the mudflow occurs as a natural result of the Yogyakarta earthquake two days earlier. This is the view held by the Corporation, government agencies and institutions of justice. The second is on the contrary, refers this as human error, it is the failure of the technology in the drilling industry. One of legally settlement of this problem is set in Presidential Decree 14/2007 and this regulation has been revised many times. In the process, the relationships which built in the settlement of the problem is no longer between the victim and the caused, but shifted to the seller and the buyer. Ironically during the settlement period, the offenders, who are considered as the cause of this disaster was released through the issuance of SP3 (Letter of Termination of Investigation Case) by East Java Police. Publishing SP3 shows that Police analogous with Court decisions, Supreme Court and the government's regard this issue by envisage the mudflow as a natural event. The issuance of SP3 clearly hurt the victims of the mudflow. Until now, July 2015, this problem has not been resolved completely. In addition to financial, social structure changes in people's lives that forcibly uprooted from their homes and also humanitarian issues emerge become a problem that need to be solved. Reconstruct the shattered social order and reflect the solving process becomes a discourse that must be studied carefully in order to be able to be implemented. Key words: society of victims, disaster industry, mudflow, Porong Sidoarjo

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