Lathiful, Anwar (2015) SUPPORTING STUDENTS’ REASONING THROUGH INTRODUCING FRACTIONS AS PART-WHOLE AND MEASURE MEANING. Proceeding of International Conference On Research, Implementation And Education Of Mathematics And Sciences 2015 (ICRIEMS 2015), Yogyakarta State University, 17-19 May 2015. ISSN 978-979-96880-8-8

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One of reasons why fractions are a topic which many students find difficult to learn is that there exist many rules calculating with fractions. Some previous researcher confirmed that the problem which students encounter in learning fraction operations is not firmly connected to concrete experiences. Primary school curricula in Indonesia introduce fractions in class III and by class V, students are expected to learn many operastions on fractions. In fact, many students in class V have some misconceptions or misunderstandings about the concepts. For instance, they would say that ¼ is more than 1/3 and ½ + 2/3 = 3/5. In addition, most textbooks used by students contain basically many procedures, they learn fractions mechanically without any conceptual grasp. Moreover the textbooks use only part-whole interpretation as a way to introduce a fractions, it is not enough in facilitating students’ reasoning in the context of task of comparing, finding equivalent fractions and operating fractions. In this paper, we describe data/informations colected during facilitating student in learning fractions using methode combining the part-whole and measure interpretation of fractions. We also will show examples of students’ reasoning indicating teaching fractions using the combination migh prove to be better methode in supporting students’ reasoning about fractions. Key words: reasoning, fractions, part-whole, measure

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