Hepsi, Nindiasari. and Novaliyosi, . (2015) DIDACTIC DESIGN FOR IMPROVEMENT PHASE THINKING ABILITY AND DISPOSITION REFLECTIVE THINKING IN MATHEMATICS. Proceeding of International Conference On Research, Implementation And Education Of Mathematics And Sciences 2015 (ICRIEMS 2015), Yogyakarta State University, 17-19 May 2015. ISSN 978-979-96880-8-8

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This study is back grounded by the importance of Mathematical Reflective Thinking Ability (MRTA) to support mathematical critical thinking ability. That ability support the success in another ability in mathematic such as solving the problem in mathematic. Mathematical Reflective Thinking Ability also indicate mathematical reflective thinking disposition (MRTD). Mathematical reflective thinking ability and disposition which had been examined in earlier study only determine its indicator and has not determined its stage. This stage is important in order to find out which level someone had achieved it. Didactical design also support the enhancement of MRTA and MDTD, therefore in this study didactical design will also developed to enhance the stage of mathematical reflective thinking ability and disposition. Thus, the special target of this study is to obtain the stage or level of MRTA and MRTD along with didactical design which support its enhancement. The method which is done to obtain stage and didactical design of MRTA and MRTD is by development research method. The activity of MRTA and MRTD stage development and also didactical design is planned in 2 years. The development activity comprise theoretical study, draft arrangement of MRTA and MRTD and didactical design which support its enhancement, expert test, revision, pilot test with limited and wide scale. The subjects of study are Senior High School students. The result obtain 7 stages of MRTA and 3 stages of MRTD. The initial draft of didactical design for this MRTA and MRTD enhancement comprise those stages. Keywords: Didactical Design, Stage, Reflective Thinking, Disposition

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