Eka, Sulistyawati (2015) THE IMPLICATIONS OF LOCAL CULTURAL VALUES IN LEARNING MATHEMATICS. Proceeding of International Conference On Research, Implementation And Education Of Mathematics And Sciences 2015 (ICRIEMS 2015), Yogyakarta State University, 17-19 May 2015. ISSN 978-979-96880-8-8

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As one of the efforts to preserve the local culture, Yogyakarta government puts cultural values in education that is placed on three things, first: cultural values as reinforcing aspects of educational goals, second: cultural values as a good approach in the implementation and management of education, third: cultural values as the content or payload education. To support government programs should be a learning approach that combines cultural values as the content of the learning process. One approach that can be combined with the values of the culture is a contextual approach. Therefore the aim of this paper is to describe the mathematics learning with contextual approach which raised the local cultural values, especially in the circle material. The steps of mathematics learning with contextual approach that combines local cultural values are as follows: (1) Relating local cultural events associated with the material to be learned through the videos or pictures. Cultural events used are various kinds of batik motif that have geometric shapes such as circles, traditional games, legends, traditional arts and ceremonies. (2) Experiencing means student learning activities with worksheets, teachers as a model to demonstrate the material being studied. (3) Applying mathematical concepts to solve meaningful problems associated with the local culture. (4) Cooperating means students work together to solve and discover mathematical concepts, and (5) Transferring, students use the knowledge gained in the new context. Keyword: Contextual, culture, circle.

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