Developing Teaching Materials By Using Computer-Assisted Problem-Based Learning

Achmad , Mudrikah (2011) Developing Teaching Materials By Using Computer-Assisted Problem-Based Learning. PROCEEDINGS International Seminar and the Fourth National Conference on Mathematics Education. ISSN 978-979-16353-7-0

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Computer-Assisted Problem-Based Learning (CAPBL) as a learning approach requires good teaching materials to make the learning process works effectively according to the characteristics and objectives of problem-based learning approach. Similarly in mathematics, appropriate teaching materials are adjusted to the characteristics of the subjects of mathematics that need to be delivered through CAPBL support towards the achievement of learning objectives. CAPBL is a learning approach that concerned extremely to the emphasis ofcomplex and open-ended problem as the basis for learning that will be faced by students in small groups; the emphasis of the role of students as who are responsible for their own learning; and the emphasis of the role of teacher as a facilitator, assisted by computer as a media that is expected to facilitate the learning process. Defining a clear idea of the problems; group learning; student role; teacher role; and assessment in problem-based learning and the role of computer in CAPBL will make the development of teaching materials matches to the characteristics of PBL itself. When that happens, CAPBLwill work effectively to be used on the teaching materials as well as it supports the learning process. Key Words: Problem-Based Learning, Computer Assissted Problem-Based Learning, teaching materials.

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