Dadang, Subarna (2009) SIMULASI DAN PRAKIRAAN SIKLON TROPIS DENGAN MENGGUNAKAN MODEL WRF. Seminar Nasional Penelitian, Pendidikan, dan Penerapan MIPA 2009. ISSN 978-979-96880-5-7


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The Tropical Cyclone which is famously called as Typhoons in Western Pacific or Hurricane in America Atlantic regions are tropical cyclone that frequently occur in tropical regions (the tropics are the geographic region of the Earth centered on the equator and limited in latitude by the Tropic of Cancer in the northern hemisphere, at approximately 23°30' (23.5°) N latitude, and the Tropic of Capricorn in the southern hemisphere at 23°30' (23.5°) S latitude). Typhoons are frequently hit Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Hongkong and Southern China in Northern Indonesia during northern hemisphere summer and autumn months. While in southern Indonesia, the tropical cyclone almost always occur and hit northern Australia region in southern hemisphere summer and autumn months. The storm clouds gather strength from warm seawater and tend to dissipate after making landfall. This paper examined the simulation and forecasting the Sepat Typhoon which begin to occur in August, 13 2007. The initial and boundary condition of model were taken from GFS NOAA and domain region of model are chose in the area which near coastal sea of Philippines country. The simulation period take 72 hours long time and time step every 3 hours. According to the model simulation and forecasting, the center of storm of Typhoon is expected to hit southern Taiwan by August, 18 2007 at 00.00 UTC. At the afternoon, the Typhoon should be close enough to the East China Coast to begin bringing the heavy rain. The WRF model has captured the tropical cyclone simulation and forecasting successfully, also in this paper it’s confirmed and validated by satellite data. The warning at that event time was inform to weather services of Philippines, Taiwan meteorological monitoring center and NEA singapore.

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