Djemari, Mardapi EVALUASI PENYELENGGARAAN EBTANAS. Jurnal Kependidikan (2).


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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the implementation of the National Final Examination (Ebtanas) for the senior high schools. This study involved twelve senior high schools, four senior high schools from each of three provinces, Central Java, Jambi, and South Sulawesi. The findings were:(1) The administration manuals for the examination were available at the schools, but there was no explanation on how to use the analysis results, (2) The design of the administration could prevent any leakage, (3) There were two conflicting opinions about the merit of the Ebtanas, (4) The Ebtanas had no contribution to the improvement rf the education quality, and (5) Most parents and teachers were in favor for continuing the implementation of Ebtanas, but they proposed some revisions.

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