Maman Suryaman, Dr. PENDIDIKAN KARAKTER MELALUI PEMBELAJARAN SASTRA. Cakrawala Pendidikan Edisi Dies 2010.


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Character Education through Literature Learning. One of the important aspects in appropriate literature learning is character education. Based on the results of several studies, some conclusions can be drawn. First, essentially literature is a medium of mental and intellectual enlightenment, the most important aspect in character education. Second, there are a variety of literary works that need appreciating as they are important in the character development. Third, literature learning relevant to the character development is one that enables learners to develop their awareness of reading and writing as important prerequisites for the character development. Fourth, literary books relevant to the character development are those with beautiful language capable of making the readers moved, containing high humanistic values, and encouraging the readers to treat other people and creatures well. Keywords: literature, literature learning, character education

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