Hutami, Wening Tyas Rah (2014) RACIAL PREJUDICE REVEALED IN HARPER LEE’S TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. S1 thesis, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta.

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Racial prejudice is a rigid and unfair generalization and assessment which is done by certain people toward the other people without knowing clearly about them. This research is a qualitative study applying the content analysis method. The object of this study is Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird. The data collected are words, phrases, clauses and sentences related to racial prejudice found in the novel. The data analysis was conducted by classifying and categorizing the data to find the inferences. In achieving the reliability, the researcher read and reread the novel carefully and comprehensively, and then recorded the data into a systematic framework based on the theory. The triangulation method was applied to gain the trustworthiness of the data by consulting her findings with her consultants and friends. The result of this study shows four important points. They are racial prejudice in the novel, the causes of the racial prejudice, the impacts of the racial prejudice, and racial prejudices in the novel reflecting the real condition of racial prejudice in Alabama. First, there are some racial prejudices which are done by many Maycomb people against families with different habit and against black people. Second, the causes of the racial prejudice are divided into two categories. Those are differences in custom and differences in race. Third, the impacts of the racial prejudice are discrimination, segregation, and oppression in society. The last result is the reflection of racial prejudice in the novel toward racial prejudice in the real condition in Alabama.

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