Sari, Atika Krusdian (2014) A PRAGMATIC ANALYSIS OF SPEECH ACTS OF THE MAIN CHARACTER IN STATE OF PLAY. S1 thesis, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta.

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This research is aimed at describing the types of speech acts in terms of locutionary acts, illocutionary acts, and perlocutionary acts employed by the main character in a movie entitled State of Play. This research applied a descriptive qualitative method. The existence of quantitative data was used to perform the number of occurrences of each type of speech acts. The primary source of this research was State of Play movie. Meanwhile books and articles were the secondary sources. The data were in the form of spoken language in scenes and the context of the data was dialogue of the main character and several supporting characters. The researcher was the main instrument and the data sheets were the supporting instrument. Furthermore, simak dan catat (listening, reading and note taking) technique was employed to collect the data. Content analysis was applied as the type of analysis. In increasing the credibility to maintain the data trustworthiness, investigator triangulation was applied. The research reveals three findings. First, the locutionary acts employed by the main character, Cal McAffrey, are declarative, interrogative, and imperative. He employs the declarative form in almost all types and functions of illocutionary acts to deliver, to assert, and to make the information clear related to fact or his opinion for his team or his interviewee. Second, Cal McAffrey employs four types of illocutionary acts. There are representative with 14 functions, directive with 7 functions, commissive with 4 functions, and expressive with 11 functions. He mostly employs the representative to states some facts related to what actually happens when he is working in a newsroom, going out to investigate the case, or interviewing the source. Third, there are twelve types of perlocutionary acts obtained as the effect of what Cal McAffrey has uttered. There are hearer knows something, hearer thinks of something, hearer is doing something, hearer is convinced, hearer feels irritated, hearer feels frightened, hearer is amused, hearer is inspired, hearer is impressed, hearer is attracted, hearer relieves tension, and hearer gives answer. The hearer knows something and the hearer gives answer are the most dominant types. He often reports his investigation, states his opinion, or explains his objective. Thus, the hearer knows and realizes the information in mind. Furthermore, the hearer usually answers him as a reaction to a question or situation in an interview or discussion.

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