Puspita, Arista Ferdiansyah (2014) A STYLISTIC ANALYSIS OF FIGURES OF SPEECH IN LES MISERABLES MOVIE. S1 thesis, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta.

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The way people speak is influenced by their own style. It is easier for the addressee to understand the addresser’s idea if he or she is familiar with the addresser’s language style. In stylistic approach, style can be seen in figurative language through figures of speech. Thus, the aims of this research are to describe the types of figures of speech and to find out the functions of figures of speech in Les Miserables. This research employed descriptive qualitative approach. The data were in the form of utterances (words, phrases, clauses, and utterances) spoken by the characters in Les Miserables movie. The main instrument of the study was the researcher herself. The researcher employed some steps during the data collection: watching the movie, finding its script, making data sheet, and categorizing the data. In conducting the data analysis, the researcher passed some steps, identifying, classifying, and making interpretation. To gain the data trustworthiness, the researcher asked triangulators to check the data. Using Perrine’s classification of types of figures of speech, this results show that there are eleven types of figures of speech in Les Miserables Movie. They are simile (12 times), metaphor (20 times), personification (22 times), apostrophe (10 times), metonymy (once ), synecdoche (7 times), symbol (22 times), paradox (8 times), hyperbole (13 times), irony (16 times), and litotes (10 times). The most often used types of figures of speech are personification and symbol. The character used personification often to depict a story as if this world can execute anything. Meanwhile, the use of symbol was used to represent idea in society. The functions of figures of speech found in the movie are to give imaginative pleasure (105 times), to give additional imagery (86 times), to add emotional intensity (77 times), and to concrete the meaning in a brief compass (60 times). Giving imaginative pleasure is the main function of the use of figures of speech in Les Miserables movie because most figurative language can create pleasure in readers’ mind.

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