Developing Students’ Character Through Mathematics Teaching And Learning

Ali, Mahmudi (2011) Developing Students’ Character Through Mathematics Teaching And Learning. PROCEEDINGS International Seminar and the Fourth National Conference on Mathematics Education. ISSN 978-979-16353-7-0

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The National Education System mandates that the national education serves to develop and shape the character and civilization of the nation. This confirms the quality of Indonesia's human to be developed by each educational unit. This normative national education goals need to be elaborated and implemented in the teaching and learning process, including mathematics teaching and learning. Mathematics teaching and learning should be well designed so that it can be used as a tool in developing positive character of students. Through the mathematics teaching and learning, implicitly or explicitly, can be developed variety of positive characteristics, such as critical thinking skills, logical thinking skills, analytical thinking skills, or meticulous. Such mathematics teaching and learning needs to be done consistently so will lead to habituation to the students that if beyond a certain limit, it belongs to the students' habits and entrenched in him. Key words: mathematics teaching and learning, character

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