Y. Ch. Nany, Sutarini and Ariefa, Efianingrum (2014) MAIN CHARACTERS IN CULTURE DEVELOPMENT IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS. International Conference on Fundamentals and Implementation of Education (ICFIE) 2014. ISSN 2406-9132


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This study aims at identifying and describing main characters in the efforts of developing school culture in 3 elementary schools in Sleman regency. The approach used in this study is qualitative. Data collection techniques are conducted through observation, focus group discussion, and interview. The subjects are School Principals and teachers. Each school has developed their own unique culture, as represented in: school visions and missions, school rules, school habits, environment, facilities and infrastuctures, teaching and learning process, and other symbols representing schools‟ characters. There are actualy many characters which are available to develope by each. The research results show that every school posseses their own main character in the efforts of developing school cultures. The main character that has been developed by SDN Percobaan 2 Depok Sleman is discipline. It is implemented through the values, activities, and symbols existed in school daily life. For examples, the teachers and students show their discipline at the classrooms. The main character that has been developed by SD Muhammadiyah Condong Catur Depok Sleman is noble character. It is developed through character examplary and habituation, especially through religius activities such as doing prayer. The main character of SD Kanisius Kadirojo is affection. The implementation of the character includes affection to God, fellows, and environment. As the implication, SD Kanisius Kadirojo becomes one of schools with good environmental awarness or adiwiyata school in Sleman regency. Key words: main character, school culture development

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