Walminto Slamet, Hidayat and Kabul (2014) STORYTELLING IMPROVING THE INTERESTS OF READING CLASS V. International Conference on Fundamentals and Implementation of Education (ICFIE) 2014. ISSN 2406-9132


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Reading especially for elementary school students is for some students reading is a frightening but for some students also a very pleasant activity. Teacher has a role to lead the students on language skills especially reading. As the school which is located in the corner of Temanggung city, Campurejo village is located approximately 40 kilometers from the center of Temanggung, Central Java. Elementary school students of 5th grade belong to delightful children; most of the children have an advantage from reading. Students‟ activities have been a very positive and a very helpful for teachers to teach reading fluently and students will be accustomed to work on the problems related to reading. On the other hand, many students will gain knowledge and experience. This study aims to describe and prove the implementation of storytelling in improving reading interests students Public Elementary School fifth grade Campurejo Tretep district. Data collection techniques with interviews, questionnaires, and nonparticipant observation. The results of this study indicate that: (1) Interest in reading showed a pretty good improvement over where students often take advantage of the school break time for reading in the library, (2) use of the library as a media student learning in reading can provide tangible evidence of the educative function of the library as much helping students to learn and acquire basic skills in transfered concepts of knowledge, (3) assist students in writing and creativity to make a story. The data was collected by using interviews, questionnaires, and non-participant observation. The results of this study indicated that: (1) the level of interest in reading shows a pretty good improvement, (2) the use of the story book as a learning media as an educative function which helps a lot of students to learn and acquire the ability to transfer the basic concepts of knowledge, (3) help studentstoreadcreatively. . Keywords: Storytelling, interests and reading

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