The Effect of Class-Visitation Supervision of the School Principal toward the Competence and Performance of Pangudi Luhur Ambarawa Elementary School Teachers

Dwi, Setiyanti and Lowisye, Leatomu and Ari Sri, Puranto and Theodora, Hadiastuti and Elsavior, Silas (2014) The Effect of Class-Visitation Supervision of the School Principal toward the Competence and Performance of Pangudi Luhur Ambarawa Elementary School Teachers. Seminar Nasional dan Temu Alumni "Peran Pendidikan dalam Pembangunan Karakter Bangsa". ISSN 978-602-96172-6-9


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The success of a school is determined by the teaching-learning process in which the teacher becomes the most crucial component. As a key factor in the success of education, the teachers have to improve their professional capabilities. As the principals are having the main responsibility for improving the quality of education in schools, it is expected for them to provide guidance on teacher competencies so that the teacher will perform optimally. The founding on teacher's professional abilities can be done through supervision of classroom visitation so that it will have an impact on student learning achievement. The purpose of this research was to determine whether there were significant influences of the principal supervision toward the teachers‘ performance in PangudiLuhurAmbarawaElementary School. This research used a qualitative research approach with a qualitative descriptive method. The populations in this study were PangudiLuhurAmbarawaElementary School teachers. The sampling technique used in this study is a random sampling technique, taking 6 teachers or 38% of the total population. The data collection techniques were done by using questionnaires and interviews. Analysis of the data used in this research is a descriptive analysis technique. Based on the research findings, can be concluded that: (1) the implementation of the principal supervision was done by using a model of supervision approach either directly or indirectly with the class action supervision technique, (2) teachers‘ response toward the implementation of a variety of supervision were basically approves and supports the supervision in order to improve the professionalism of teachers, (3) the implementation of the supervision carried out based on the needs and potentials of the teacher, (4) the improvement of professionalism marked by the improvement of teachers' skills and the improvement of teaching performance. Based on the results of this research could be concluded that there is a significant positive effect of classroom-visitation supervision toward the competence and performance of PangudiLuhurAmbarawaElementary School teachers. Keywords: classroom-visitation supervision, competence, teachers‘ performance.

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