Setiya, Utari and Harun, Imansyah and Winny, Liliawati and Arif, Hidayat (2014) DEVELOPMENT OF EVALUATION MODEL OF PHYSICS EXPERIMENT EXAM FOR SECONDARY LEVEL. Proceeding of International Conference On Research, Implementation And Education Of Mathematics And Sciences 2014. (Submitted)

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Survey on using of science laboratory and physics experiment as particular showed schools generally almost never use experiment methods in learning process, some schools performed once until fourth in a 6month-period. Even they applied experiment method, schools tends to use cook-book type of students worksheet with less to equip student’s thinking skills, lack of investigating experiment guidance and its rubrics given by government. The research is aimed to develop evaluation model of physics experiment exam for secondary level. Two types of experiment guidance and its evaluation rubrics are developed; type A focused on abilities to plan experiment activities, while type B is related with abilities to conduct the planned experiment. The research was carried in 3 secondary schools at low-medium-high students’ categories to gain various feedbacks. The research, which covering 6 physical science (linear motion, change of matters, density, waves, expansion, and electricity), produced revised experiment guidance based on qualitative analysis of students’ responses in performed A and B types, respectively. Some strike points has been made to revise the experiments guidance A type such as describing problems, predicting, determine materials, experiment procedures ideas to solve problems. Furthermore, in type B the emphasize lies on data quality, analyzing and inferring aspects. The result of the research is a fundamental research to develop scaling up of evaluation model of physical science.

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